IOlib is to be a better and more modern I/O library than the standard Common Lisp library. It contains: a socket library, a DNS resolver, an I/O multiplexer(which supports select(2), epoll(4) and kqueue(2)), a pathname library and file-system utilities

Plans for future development include adding support for client-side of common protocols such as HTTP(S), SMTP and more...


You can find instructions for downloading IOLib releases and development sources on the download page

Supported Platforms

OS Version CPU Implementations
SBCL CMUCL Clisp Clozure
GNU/Linux 2.6.34 / Glibc 2.11 x86 OK (1.0.41) OK (20b) OK (2.49) OK (1.6-r13993)
GNU/Linux 2.6.34 / Glibc 2.11 x86_64 OK (1.0.39) N/A Untested Untested
FreeBSD 7.1 x86 OK (1.0.23) OK (19e) OK (2.44.1) Untested


Mailing Lists

For general discussion and development use iolib-devel. Release announcements are also posted on iolib-announce


The author(fe[nl]ix) is usually in the channels #iolib and #lisp on irc.freenode.net

Reporting bugs

To report a bug or request a feature, please file a bug report; to do that you need a launchpad account.


IOLib is licenced under an MIT-like licence.