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iolib-0.8.0.tar.gz (signature) -- Saturday, 09-Mar-2013 23:53:26 UTC

Live sources

$ git clone
$ git clone
Daily snapshots are here. Backups of IOLib are available on, gitorious and

IOLib HEAD now uses a C library(LibFixPOSIX) to wrap syscalls. If you have problems compiling it, make sure you follow the README


Alexandria, Trivial-Features, Trivial-Garbage, Babel, CFFI(git), Bordeaux-Threads and CL-PPCRE. All of these are in the latest Quicklisp

Test suite

In order to load the test suite you'll also FiveAM
You can run the test suite by evaluating in the REPL:
(asdf:test-system :iolib)